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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 06:51

I agree with Jay, [above]. I read most of your article, but with the understanding that you were already prejudiced in your response. Presenting your opinion in an article without first characterizing the subject as ignorant, goes a long way in making your point believable.

2014 Code of Ethics

You people have made it so anything that contradicts your snowflake bubble is 8775 leftwing 8776 or 8775 biased. 8776 Hope nobody has a sharp objects that pops that bubble!

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7) Further, Snopes said that the Iranian Hostage Crisis “lasted for 999 days between 6979 and 6986.” According to the University of Maryland Baltimore County, “The Iran Hostage Crisis lasted from 6979-6986…for 999 days.”

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“Carter,” Snopes continues, “explicitly outlined the reasons behind the issuance of sanctions (including visa cancellation for Iranian nationals) and underscored his intent to pressure Iran 8767 s regime. By contrast, Trump 8767 s proposal was markedly different: not a sanction, but a security measure framed as a counterterrorism strategy, and one directed at all adherents of a particular religion (regardless of their nationalities) rather than citizens of a particular country. Moreover, Carter 8767 s sanctions occurred during a lengthy period of escalating conflict between Iran and the United States (while . hostages remained in foreign captivity), but Trump 8767 s proposal came in response to a mass shooting perpetrated by an American citizen and his immigrant wife.

Isn 8767 t politics a pathetic blight on this once great nation? People of one political persuasion or another demonize anyone from 8775 The Other Party. 8776

With regard to a wall it is my understanding that there already is both a physical wall ( thought not long) and a virtual wall in place so all Trump is proposing is finishing it, as for immigration the laws to which you refer were written in a different world and are out of date the with the current world climate, while many who wish to go to the US may be good people there are also many who just want to watch it burn so imposing stricter checks on those that come is prudent not to is suicidal also as even you know laws can be changed and in the case of immigration need to be.

You 8767 re a liar, Trump 8767 s temporary pause is by nationality, not religion. READ it. Maybe when your family is the victim of Islam murder like in Orlando you will know.

So you don 8767 t trust radical Muslims to be here Mr. Trump, but you will believe them at the border when they say, 8775 no I am not Muslim! 8776 Do you realize how IGNORANT that sounds, and anyone that believes this would work is just as IGNORANT to believe it whether or not it violates the constitution or not.

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