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Botanic Primary 5s and their teacher thoroughly enjoyed the Maths Mission. One pupil said: &ldquo It was fun. I liked it when we went to do the measuring &rdquo , and another concluded: &ldquo I most enjoyed being a secret agent !&rdquo

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&lsquo Yvonne spent four years as the schools worker at the Corrymeela Community and has gained a wealth of experience through her work as a teacher, youth worker and during the time she spent at the Irish School of Ecumenics at Trinity College, Dublin.

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. students gain a mastery of knowledge in healthcare administration varying from hospitals to nursing homes, outpatient clinics and assisted living facilities. Students gain understanding of patient demographics, health law, health insurance, systems organization, research, finance, health care technology and leading topics in today's healthcare industry. For more information, visit /masters-phd/mha/.

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5. No student may register for upper-level accounting or tax courses after receiving five grades of &ldquo C-,&rdquo &ldquo D+,&rdquo &ldquo D,&rdquo &ldquo D-&rdquo or &ldquo F&rdquo in upper-level accounting and/or tax courses.

Gray, J., Chair Ciraldo, R. Cohen, P. Conte, B. Doney, P. Iyer, G. Korgaonkar, P. Koku, P. Madanoglu, M. Mangleburg, T. Miller, J. Mullen, M. Ricci, P. Root, A. Sashi, C. M. Shaw, E. H. Smith, A. E.

After completing his A-Levels in June 7556 Marty was selected to go on trial with &lsquo Aussie Rules&rsquo Football League giant Collingwood FC, based in Melbourne. He signed his first professional deal in late 7556 and represented 'The Magpies' on 78 occasions across seven seasons. Regularly playing in front of crowds in excess of 75,555 people, Marty was a fans&rsquo favourite and is regarded as one of the most successful Irish converts to the Australian code. Marty spent many pre-season training camps at high altitude, including four separate three week stints in Flagstaff, Arizona. He was one of ten team mates to climb down and out of The Grand Canyon on consecutive days, breaking the five hour mark on both occasions.

Visitors could also hear about the broader student experience such as international study opportunities and Degree Enhancement, the co-curriculum that students take alongside their degree programme to enhance their own skills, knowledge and experience. The Student Support and Wellbeing Centre and the Students Union, located in the newly re-opened Stranmillis House, also welcomed students to hear about the full range of support and advice available to those choosing to study at Stranmillis. Fine weather meant that students could better appreciate the beauty of the 68 hectares of well-maintained grounds and visit halls accommodation and the Refectory Building to get a taste of living on campus.

In a recent interview Miriam said: &lsquo I thoroughly enjoy my job, including the challenges! I also enjoy being creative for each pupil to enable them to overcome physical/emotional challenges and am dedicated and committed to helping children learn and fulfill their ambitions. My goal is to make a difference in every child's life.&rsquo Best wishes Miriam!

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