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Fatmeh is a Syrian refugee who lives in Lebanon. She fled Syria with her family. She told us that out of desperation she tied scarves around her sons’ stomachs at night so they didn’t wake up crying from hunger. But thanks to WFP donors, she found hope: “Please thank the people who heard our stories and cared. I feel terribly lonely without my family, but knowing that people know I exist makes me feel less alone. Ask them to pray for us, and for Syria please.”

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When we go out for a walk, other dog owners are always asking me how I managed to get my dogs to be so good. They want to know what I did to make them come when I call them, sit when I tell them to sit, and wait until I release them…

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The Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights works to protect the best interests of children who come to the . on their own. Donate here or learn about how you can volunteer as a Child Advocate in Chicago, New York, Houston, and Washington . here.

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EMILY’s List is a political action committee that works to elect pro-choice Democratic women candidates to public office. Donate here , or find out how to how to run for office here.

So you’ve got a friend who you’re worried about. Knowing how to talk to them about it can be the hard part. The Check-in app helps you plan your conversation so you know how you’re going to go about it.

Bidding farewell from beyond the grave?
Although visits by the spirits of the recently departed can be chilling, they are also comforting, say those who've seen these "crisis apparitions." Can bonds between loved ones defy death?

Hi Emily,
I love ur blog! I 8767 m getting a 9 month old standard Poodle I was wondering do u think u should train urself or hire a trainer? Its my first poodle! thx!!

So I made this blog for everyone who is curios about Poodle training. I hope you like it. If you do, or if you have any questions, just post a comment on the bottom of the page.

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