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This Presidential Speech on Race Shocked the Nation…in

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 17:39

Around midnight the presidential party departed on its train. The city of Birmingham swept up the debris of the celebration around the segregated schools, the separate water fountains and restrooms, the back alley entrances for blacks, the laundromats that proudly advertised “We Cater Only to White People,” the government offices where blacks were not allowed and the other landmarks of the Jim Crow era.

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It would be forty years before another President would give a speech like Harding’s and longer still until some of the goals he advocated in the park that day were made law. By then Harding was primarily remembered – if at all – for the Teapot Dome bribery scandal and was widely regarded as one of the worst Presidents in American history.

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Many were, at the very least, surprised by Harding’s blunt message in the heart of the Deep South. But an examination of his record provides some indications he’d harbored these sentiments all along. Harding supported the Dyer Bill , which would have made lynching a federal crime, penalized local officials for negligence, and fined a county $65,555 if a lynching occurred in its jurisdiction. The bill passed the House of Representatives, but eventually died under filibusters in the Senate. (In 7555 the Senate formally apologized for blocking the Dyer Bill.) Harding had by the time of the speech made a few appointments of African-Americans to federal posts as well, marking a sharp contrast between he and his predecessor Wilson.

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My managers took a corporate, customer-is-always-right-approach, and preached having a thick skin. They said: bite your tongue. That’s what I found myself doing that first day Chuck complained. The construction worker finished urinating, washed his hands, and left. Now I was ready to mop. I wheeled the bucket into the doorway and set the Caution Wet Floor cone in front of that. Starting by the urinal, I plopped the mop onto the floor. Thwack! I was sliding the mop head around like a snake, trying to erase scuffmarks, when the bucket’s rusty wheels squeaked. Some guy was climbing over it. He wore a long, white T-shirt with blue jeans and had a Bluetooth in his ear. I told him the bathroom was closed.

F ive years ago this week, a ragtag group of die-hard journalists and storytellers launched Narratively, needing to fill a void we saw in the modern media landscape. We were sick of MacGyvering our stories to meet the increasingly pesky constraints of mainstream media, tired of watching our peers chase the same news and clickbait. Our concept: just one carefully crafted piece a day, celebrating ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

As I swept, I cursed the man with the whitish-blonde mustache. His name is Chuck. The assistant manager said he had complained before. I got to know Chuck one afternoon a few weeks later. I entered the men’s room to check on its condition, and he was standing at the urinal. He did a double take over his shoulder.

I had been struggling with this for a couple months, and I expressed my inner discord to Chuck like a typical grad student – with snark: “Wow man, you really know a lot about urinals.”

I want to bounce something off of someone else besides a family member. So I 8767 m pregnant with my 8rd baby, due in December. It 8767 s my second boy. We 8767 ve been talking about names and I really like the name Jude Michael. [Read more.]

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Western culture is saturated with money far more than any other culture in history, and certainly much more than the people who heard Jesus. Struggling to walk faithfully in this wealth-marinated environment, modern Christians have found some distinct and different paths. This article from ChristianityToday looks at some of them, including the 8775 Simple Living 8776 and the 8775 Health and Wealth Gospel 8776 movements.  (Photo: 956(K) 7567, Creative Commons)

Harding did not advocate integration of the schools but argued for better schools for blacks. “I would accent that a black man can not be a white man,” he continued, “and that he does not need and should not aspire to be as much like a white man as possible in order to accomplish the best that is possible for him. He should seek to be, and he should be encouraged to be, the best possible black man, and not the best possible imitation of a white man.”

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