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I had an illness the first year of college which affected my GPA, but was able to pull it up and finish strong by graduation. I don 8767 t necessarily want to go into this on my personal statements, but can if you think it should be addressed. I will also need to bring up my Quant GRE score.

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I don 8767 t know who Ben is but I will say that your statement that you have two publications but no lab experience is a confusing one. If you mean you have two publications in low-tier or theory-oriented journals, that 8767 s still great for an undergraduate. If you mean you have publications in for-profit journals or as conference presentations, that 8767 s less good. No lab experience at all is going to be a problem I would get that immediately. Master 8767 s will certainly be easier than . if I were you, I 8767 d probably apply to both simultaneously.

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I 8767 m also not sure where you are earning your Master 8767 s, but some PhD programs might require you to complete a second Master 8767 s in their program, depending on what you did for your own Master 8767 s. For example, an ODU Master 8767 s in I/O means that you 8767 ll have taken 8-9 statistics courses, 7-8 I/O courses, and completed an empirical thesis. So if you didn 8767 t have one of those, you 8767 d likely need to complete a new MS along the PhD road here. If you 8767 re open to that, I 8767 d recommend being clear about it in your personal statement. Every program is different though, so you 8767 ll want to contact the PhD program director at each school and ask.

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In terms of specific degree program, that depends on what you want out of it. I/O psych is science-driven. Anything that is more business-oriented will be less science oriented, if at all. So it depends on the perspective you want to have coming out of school.

If you just want to take classes as non-degree-seeking, then you only need to be admitted to ODU as a non-degree-seeking student, which does have requirements, but in practice, most people are admitted. As that type of student, you can enroll in any class where the instructor okays it. But you will not end up with a degree at the end, and you will not be assigned a research advisor.

I have to study a foreign language in college, so I figured I may as well study one that I would be able to implement. For this reason, I 8767 m currently considering studying Chinese.

Would you mind elaborating a bit about what you meant by you had a real risk of failing your phd? For me it 8767 s a matter of perishing in a publish or perish setting, and I 8767 m just curious what other factors are out there.

I don 8767 t think there are many jobs with the title 8775 I/O 8776 other than professor. Most I/Os go into either specialist positions within HR (. assessment specialist, training designer, executive positions) or into a consultancy.

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