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MPH can be generalist and specialist, and there 8767 s a big difference between 8775 took five course in epidemiologic methods, four in biostatistics, and three in statistical computing 8776 and 8775 took ten courses in general community health 8776 with no quantitative training.

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I have my MLIS the program I attended had four very basic core classes and the rest of our coursework was determined by a) what was being offered each semester and b) what our focus was. Just saying I 8767 m a 8775 librarian 8776 doesn 8767 t really indicate at all what I am familiar with in the field and because of the variety of class offerings, everyone of my peers and I may have graduated with the same degree but vastly different knowledge bases suited for all the different niches available within the field.

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I 8767 m making the same transition, the difference being that I last used statistics during my classes a few years ago and I 8767 m currently looking for a job.

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This is what I 8767 ve done, too, though I also include a separate category for one specific set of experience that is more directly related to current field, so, 8775 Teapot Experience, 8776 8775 Coffeepot Experience, 8776 and 8775 Other Experience 8776 when I can make the case that the the 8775 other 8776 experience gave me transferable skills. In my case, the 8775 coffeepot 8776 experience is directly transferable, so I break it out explicitly.

(Side pet peeve of mine. Many languages are really broad. I hate places that ask for generalized self assessments, ie 8775 on a scale of 6-65, rate your skills in X area. 8776 Tell me what you want me to know I can tell you if I know them.)

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