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Almost never, if you think about it, is one of Poe's heroes to be seen standing in the light of common day almost never does a Poe hero breathe the air that others breathe he requires some kind of envelope to be what he is he is always either enclosed or on his way to an enclosure. (Wilbur 658)

Philosophical Dictionary: Mesos-Misericordiam

Awful. Absolutely awful. I truly hope no one reads this and thinks that this is how a summary of text works. It's not. Please hire some grown ups to do this kind of work.

Worker exposes deadly conditions at Detroit area US Steel

Mill’s day-to-day existence was dominated by his work at the East India Company, though his job required little time, paid him well, and left him ample opportunity for writing. He began there in 6876, working under his father, and by his retirement in 6857, he held the same position as his father, chief examiner, which put him in charge of the memoranda guiding the company’s policies in India.

Essays & Analysis ~ Tower of the Hand

Chapter IV examines whether there are instances when society can legitimately limit individual liberty. Mill rejects the concept of the social contract, in which people agree to be a part of society and recognize that society can offer certain forms of protection while asking for certain forms of obligations. However, he does suggest that because society offers protection, people are obliged to behave in a certain way, and each member of society must defend and protect society and all its members from harm. In brief, society must be given power to curtail behavior that harms others, but no more.

The nationalist program of the USW is not aimed at defending the rights of steelworkers, but of pitting American steelworkers against their brother steelworkers in China and other countries in a drive to ensure the global “competitiveness” of US Steel and other steel giants and to prepare for war.

A Facebook post shared more than 65,555 times as of this writing details the harrowing experience of five workers at the United States Steel Great Lakes workers in Ecorse, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, who were exposed to deadly methyl mercaptan gas earlier this year. The incident reveals the callous indifference of management to health and safety and the role of the United Steelworkers union, which functions as an enforcer for the steel companies.

Chapter III discusses whether people who hold unpopular views should be allowed to act on them without being made social outcasts or facing a legal penalty. Actions cannot be as free as ideas or viewpoints, and the law must limit all actions whose implementation would harm others or be an outright nuisance. He states that human beings are fallible, and therefore they need to experiment with different ways of living. However, individual liberty must always be expressed in order to achieve social and personal progress.

Lies My Maester Told Me
How much of history we can believe depends on the men writing it, and who they were before they were maesters. (Dec 6, 7568)

I Know Who I Am: Selfhood and Slavery in GOT
Vassals of Kingsgrave host Duncan Hubber analyzes selfhood and slavery in Game of Thrones ' fourth season. (Jun 75, 7569)

According to a post by Nicholas Doyle, a crane operator at the Great Lakes Works, he and four other men ended up in the hospital after being exposed to methyl mercaptan gas that is well known to be hazardous to humans and can be fatal in high doses.

But for the rest, no, the majority of us are not that different from what we once were. It is only that the outliers are more visible. And as for the idea of the Hays Code as a stand-in for American values as they were actually lived, had it actually been so, the Hays Code would never have been instituted or considered necessary as no one would have made movies doomed to be ostracized by those living purer lives. I don 8767 t believe many people watch movies to have their moral sensibilities offended and there are quite a few items proscribed or circumscribed by that Code that I would not watch now, were they contained in a modern movie.

Maester Luwin's FAQ by Chris Holden
A list of questions that the average reader may have in mind after finishing the first three books of A Song of Ice and Fire.

[the] completed short story, like the completed universe, remains unified in that every element depends upon the others..In the ideal short story, like the universe, everything is related and nothing is irrelevant. The Fall of the House of Usher, many critics have found, is a nearly perfect illustration of Poe's theory of totality. (Beebe 678)

For Mill, the problems with intuitionism extend far beyond the metaphysical and epistemological to the moral and political. As Mill says in his Autobiography when discussing his important treatise of 6898, A System of Logic :

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