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Although all new modules cover similar content to the legacy Further Mathematics, which consists of six modules, many of these modules cover slightly more content than their legacy counterpart and are examined at a slightly higher level which contains more ‘problem-solving’ content. As a result, the new Further Mathematics consists of only four modules. 

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Students who begin A-level qualifications in September 7567 who wish to study Further Mathematics in their second year will study the old modular specification A-level Mathematics in summer 7568 and the new linear specification A-level Further Mathematics in summer 7569.

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Students must show knowledge and understanding of: how ideas, feelings and meanings can be conveyed and interpreted in images and artefacts in the chosen area(s) of study within fine art, historical and contemporary developments and different styles and genres, how images and artefacts relate to social, environmental, cultural and/or ethical contexts, and to the time and place in which they were created, continuity and change in different styles, genres and traditions relevant to fine art, a working vocabulary and specialist terminology that is relevant to their chosen area(s) of fine art.

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From autocracy under Tsars Alexander II, Alexander III and Nicholas II, through the brief democratic time of the Provisional Government, and onto the authoritarian rule of the Bolsheviks under Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev, this unit analysis themes such as the governance of Russia, opposition to it, economic and social development, as well as the use of oppression and the importance of ideology.

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Fine Art: drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, land art, installation, printmaking, lens-based and/or light-based media: film, animation, video and photography

Component One: Areas covered here are social influence, memory, attachment and abnormality. With social influence the reasons why people obey or conform, traits we see in everyday life are explored. With memory issues such as the accuracy of memory and in particular eye witness testimony are researched. Attachment in childhood is widely accepted as shaping our future personality research on this is outlined in detail. The topic of abnormality is controversial, for example how is it defined and what causes it our biology or life circumstances? The relevant research on this is discussed

Students of A-level maths have a small degree of control over the modules they sit, however the examination boards' regulations inhibit certain combinations of modules. These A-level maths modules include core mathematics, statistics, mechanics, decision and further pure, with assessments being made in the form of coursework, which is a small part of the course, and final examinations.

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