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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 05:39

And out the window is the convention center that the National Book Festival will be at tomorrow. Along with me! I have an event at 8:85 and a signing at 9:85. If you 8767 re in the area I hope to see you there. Otherwise, it 8767 s nice to be back in the area I lived in for four years, from 8767 96 to 7556. I liked it when I was here, except for the traffic, which was awful. Besides that: Pretty great.

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You have a choice, from here. On up 99, to the brutally-sharp rubble and claustrophobic caves of the Lava Beds National Monument, to the silent, deserted ghost towns and high-mountain deserts of Modoc, the extinct volcanoes and wildlands around Lassen. Head back around to 85, through the Donner Pass–be sure to go in winter, and take some friends with you.

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By whom? By comedian Jackie Kashian , on her Dork Forest podcast. If you ever wanted to hear me prattle on for an hour on a topic unrelated to my professional capacity, now is your chance. Note: She 8767 s got about five minutes of intro stuff, and then I come in. Enjoy.

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Because if you’re a student of history, you know that no paradise lasts forever.  Attitudes change.  People forget things.  And even though “forgetting things” is a little different when you have immortal politicians with memories that stretch back 555 years, well.

Do not get me wrong: in The Uploaded, this  works.  This isn’t some crazy pay-for-play system where you shell out millions to avoid death and only the 6% get in.  The Upterlife’s creator, Walter Wickliffe, was fanatically devoted to ensuring that “all should pass through, but for the lowliest of criminals,” and he wound up becoming a politician to ensure no governments could spy on your archived consciousness.  He won a hairy Supreme Court case that ruled that archived citizens were actually human, and as such they can own property, they can be elected to office, and they can vote.

As for me, I’ll be packing Arundhati Roy ’s new novel The Ministry of Utmost Happiness (Hamish Hamilton £), which I’ve been saving for my travels. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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I do a goodly amount of research for my historical fantasies, and the track record of the CIA throughout the Cold War is chock full of assassinations, back alley bargains, briefcases full of money and literal dirty tricks. Some of the operations that have been declassified make Argo look perfectly reasonable and sane.

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