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Care for a little necrophilia?
Screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin was initially dismayed to hear that producers planned to hand his heartbreaking supernatural romance over to &lsquo Airplane!&rsquo director Jerry Zucker (&lsquo I thought with this director that they were going to turn &ldquo Ghost&rdquo into some kind of comedy and it&rsquo d be horrible&rsquo ), but in fact the move led to a skilfully put-together mixture of tearjerker and madcap farce, enabling Whoopi Goldberg to turn in an Oscar-winning Best Supporting Actress performance for her role as con artist/medium Oda Mae Brown.

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Hi, Simon
I agree your writing is good. But I see that your essay is quite short and doesn t use relative, adverbial and emphasic structures.
How can i get a high score? Are complex structures important in writing?

Woolf’s Darkness: Embracing the Inexplicable | The New Yorker

They are in paradise
The Vivien Leigh will always be remembered for her indomitable Scarlett O&rsquo Hara in &lsquo Gone with the Wind &rsquo . But she also displayed heartbreaking fragility in this famous version of Robert E Sherwood&rsquo s play, an ill-starred romance &rsquo twixt soldier and ballerina set against the chaos of war.

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With red stiletto legs splayed in all directions, it lunged and jerked its huge shell this way and that, reminding me of the scene I make whenever I'm moved to rearrange the living-room sofa by myself. Then, while we watched in stunned reverence, the strange beast found its bearings and began to reveal a determined, crabby grace. It felt its way to the edge of the table and eased itself over, not falling bang to the floor but hanging suspended underneath within the long grasp of its ice-tong legs, lifting any two or three at a time while many others still held in place. In this remarkable fashion it scrambled around the underside of the table's rim, swift and sure and fearless like a rock climber's dream.

It flopped disastrously on first release: Hawks&rsquo contract with producers RKO was cut short and Hepburn was labeled &lsquo box office poison&rsquo by a top exec. Two decades later, following a series of successful TV showings, the film was rightly recognised as the pinnacle of the screwball art: no film was ever so fast, so witty and so gorgeously irrational. TH

Still, the lush sound and iconography of &lsquo Zhivago&rsquo &ndash that wedding-cake ice palace, those fashion-spread furs &ndash has rather superceded the knotty, compromised politics of its love story, a cruel triangle in which different viewers may find themselves sympathising with different sides. GL

Paris when it sizzles
'Les Amants du Pont-Neuf' ('The Lovers on the Bridge') is Leos Carax's valentine to amour fou, Paris and his then-partner Juliette Binoche. And it's as rapturous and irrational as true love itself. Even the story of its production is something of a romantic tragedy: three years in the making and spiralling wildly over budget as Carax reconstructed Paris&rsquo s iconic Pont-Neuf Bridge in the south of France, it's the kind of grand artistic expression that must fail in order to succeed.

Yet Godard&rsquo s groundbreaking New Wave take on the Hollywood B-movie is romantic almost in spite of itself. Its still-youthful jazz rhythms, its fresh exploration of Paris at its most invitingly chic and its sexy bedroom talk are what so many of us want romance to look and feel like. So we&rsquo re more than happy to indulge it, like the cinematic equivalent of a dirty weekend. GL

For the poet, the terror is precisely in those periods of psychic death, when even the possibility of work is negated her “occupation’s gone.” Yet she also describes the unavailing effort to numb emotion:

The business of naming involved a grasp of hermit-crab gender that was way out of our league. But our household had a deficit of males, so my daughter and I chose Buster, for balance. We gave him a terrarium with clean gravel and a small cactus plant dug out of the yard and a big cockleshell full of tap water. All this seemed to suit him fine. To my astonishment our local pet store carried a product called Vitaminized Hermit Crab Cakes. Tempting enough (till you read the ingredients) but we passed, since our household leans more toward the recycling ethic. We give him leftovers. Buster's rapture is the day I drag the unidentifiable things in cottage cheese containers out of the back of the fridge.

&lsquo Gregory&rsquo s Girl&rsquo starts with the lightning bolt &ndash gangly Glaswegian Gregory spots leggy keepy-uppy expert Dorothy (Hepburn) &ndash then patiently explains why, for someone as irrational and irregular as Gregory, that kind of perfect love probably won&rsquo t work. So why not try someone a little closer to home? The result is pragmatic, sure, but that doesn&rsquo t make it any less romantic. TH

We&rsquo ve brought together 656 experts to choose the best romantic movies of all time. These are people who know romance: &lsquo The Notebook&rsquo writer Nicholas Sparks, &lsquo Notting Hill&rsquo director Richard Curtis and not forgetting a diva who has devoted a lifetime to seducing a shy frog, Miss Piggy.

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