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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 12:51

“The Life & Legacy of Arnold Palmer”- WTAE
Nicolas Matoney, Executive Producer
David Kaplan, Reporter
Shannon Perrine, Anchor

Bloggin' 'bout Books

“ FOCUS: Mikayla 8767 s Voice”- WLVT PBS89
Brittany Garzillo, Reporter & Producer
Lisa Robinson, Editor

2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy Nominees | NATAS Mid

One final consideration. It used to be the case that parents and students demanded small classes and lots of instructor attention. But from what I’ve seen and heard lately, grades and accreditation increasingly matter more than the human touch. Administrators and humanities colleagues at other campuses tell me that income and employment prospects are #6 in the minds of the 8775 customers, 8776 not an intense engagement with professors.

Communities — Voices and Insights - Washington Times

“Chronicle: Bakeries of the 8766 Burgh”- WTAE
Bofta Yimam, Reporter
Shannon Perrine, Reporter
Sally Wiggin, Host
Jamie Bittner, Managing Editor
Jackie Cain, Reporter
Andrea Russell, Executive Producer
Michael Lazorko, Editor

“ A Father 8767 s Greatest Gift”- WFMZ
Hilary Lane, Reporter
Israel Alejandro, Technical Director

“A Taste of History George Washington In Barbados”- A Taste of History
Walter Staib, Executive Producer/Host
Paul Bauer, Producer
Thomas Daly, Producer/Editor
Russell Toub, Editor
Connor Lepre, Editor/Graphic Design
Aaron White, Research/Development
Diana Wolkow, Culinary Research/Development
Jonathan Jones, Production Assistant
Tom Lamb, Director of Operations

“I Go Home”- WITF
Keira McGuire, Producer
Mitchell Mathias, Editor/Associate Producer
Doug Watson, Videographer
Cara Williams Fry, Executive Producer

8775 Symphony on Ice Christmas Spectacular 8776 - Service Electric Cable TV TV7
Andrew Himmelwright, Producer/Director
John M Walson, Executive Producer
Donald Long, Associate Producer
Ryan Kelly, Editor

I don’t know that Heather Heyer’s death, apparently at the hands of a 75-year-old neo-Nazi, James Alex Fields, Jr., will have the long reverberations of Kent State, but the mainstream press is trying very hard to give the whole Charlottesville debacle that kind of watershed significance.

And that, gentle reader, is a  gigantic  scientific bias.  It might even be beyond bias. Some might call it an “obsession” with discrimination and bias so severe that it is blinding many in our field to major findings regarding gender differences that contribute to  preferences  for different types of fields.

“NBC65 Weather”- NBC65
John Lewis, Graphics
Brendan Conway, Producer
Culley McGuire, Producer
Jeff Kummer, Producer
Derek Robinson, Graphics
Matthew Boline, VP Creative Services and Programming

This is to say that market conditions mean nothing to the tenured professor. He is immune to downturns. The only way he can lose his job is through an administration that closes his department, and no administrator wants that to happen on his watch. The steady stream of bad news for the humanities is easy to ignore.

“Channel 66 Morning News”- WPXI
Steve Colwell, Executive Producer
Katherine Amenta, Anchor
Joe Arena, Anchor
Shawn Twardy, Producer
Brendan Curry, Producer
Steven Fisher, Reporter
Jennifer Tomazic, Reporter
Joshua Revels, Director

Now, it’s not clear that this narrative contradicts the liberal progress narrative. In fact, for most of the past few centuries, the two—or some variants of them—have been held to be two sides of the same coin. Maybe they are. But it’s not  obvious  that they are, so it’s important not to conflate them. They both describe the past reasonably well. But what about the future?

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