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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 09:15

Sure. Some teacher recommend having only one sentence. Personally, I think you should make that decision in your test on the day and depending on your essay. If you are worried about word count, have two sentences instead.

Positive or Negative Development: IELTS Model Essay

hey mam,, please tell me that the below lines are good for a particular types of essay,,
6. DEBATABLE:- both the perspectives will be critiqued in the viability of this essay and an opinion will be formed.
Then i share my opinion in 8 body paragraph.

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So your opinion is that education should be mandatory and education should not be mandatory? This means you have no clear opinion. You must present a clear position in the IELTS opinion essay you will get a low mark for Task Response if you fail to present and support a clear position. A balanced view does not mean you agree and disagree. It means you present a specific view which is quantified.

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Number 9 is discussion + opinion because it is asking you to decide whether there are more advantages than disadvantages - you need to discuss both and make your view clear (just the same as number 5).

I am not sure if my answers are correct. I disagreed and one of the reasons is that using the internet may result to inaccurate information so it is best to use materials from the library. Another reason is that students from other countries such as third world countries do not possess technologies such as mobile phones and computer, so it means that library is the only option. I even added something about power interruption that might also let online research might not be possible whereas in the library, books are available any time. May I know your ideas about this topic, Liz? Thank you so much for your very helpful blog. You are amazing! 😊😊😊

Research student progress is supported and reviewed through a doctoral study plan (DSP). Students design their own DSP in consultation with their supervisor(s). In the first stage, the DSP is based on the student's academic and professional background and his or her goals. The second and third stages are based on the progress of his or her study. Candidates are assessed prior to advancing to the next stage of their candidature and submit, in consultation with their supervisor(s), a review of progress at the end of each session.

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All parts of your opinion must be explained in detail in the body paragraphs. you would have one body paragraph explaining why you support the use of phyiscal edu in school and then a second body paragraph about the need for a better diet. Always organise your ideas logically into paragraphs.

Independent study will foster in you the ability to identify your own learning needs and determine which areas you need to focus on to become proficient in your subject area. This is an important transferable skill and will help to prepare you for the transition to working life.

Thank you very much for this enjoying and useful lesson. I am involved in Business letters every day. I found this very splendid.
Best wishes.. Omar Palestine.

The maximum course duration is four years of full-time or eight years of part-time study. Students can complete the course in less than the maximum time.

It is also possible to choose a specific opinion (balanced view). This doesn 8767 t mean that something is both negative AND positive. It means you express in exactly what way it is negative and in what way it is positive a very quantified and specific view. This technique is only possible with high level students who have the English ability to present this type of view. Any lower level student will make a mistake and WILL get a lower score as a result.

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